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Body-Fat Smart Scales

"Miracle Device Gives You A Personalized Roadmap To TOTAL HEALTH FITNESS"

  • Automatically tracks your Muscle Gains and Fat Loss
  • Works with a FREE smartphone app to monitor & track your progress
  • Used by physicians, nutritionists, & professional athletes


1. Intelligent cloud analysis (Bluetooth to our Smart App)

2. 79 body data points (Track even the smallest changes in your body)

3. Tempered glass (Impossible to break)

4. Accurate sensors (Witness in real time the changes of your weight composition and fat loss every single day)

5. LED Night Vision large screen (Easily weigh yourself night and day)

Customers Are Raving About It!

Took My Workouts And Fitness To The NEXT LEVEL!

"My doctor recommended that I buy a Smart Scale to monitor my health and body fat/muscle index levels. I compared yours to an $800 medical scale and the results were virtually identical! These scales gives you state of the art body monitoring at a price everyone can afford!"

Jake Y. – Las Vegas, Nevada